Season's Greetings from Sassapaw. We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and happy.  This has been an eventful year for our clan....
We  hope you have our new address, as we moved into our house in April  (Michael had been living in our  20  ft. airstream for six months  (with the animals!) and I lived with our VERY generous friends, Gina and Joel , during the workweek ).  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone at this year's Lucyfest in July, and hope to make it to more family reniouns.


          Ian lives in Phoenix and is a Linux and Windows administrator for Apollo Group (University of Phoenix). He met me in San Diego while I was at a conference, made it home for a summer visit, and Michael and I just returned from a quick weekend trip to see him. He has become politically active supporting Ron Paul and registered as a republican in order to vote in the primary


          Parker is going to MTSU and is in Concrete Mgt. He works for the school system in their after school program and has decided he prefers fourth grade to kindergarten.  He would make a wonderful elementary school teacher but says he doesn't want to teach.  He had a winning season as goalie for the MTSU lacrosse team.   He and his girlfriend Sara have been seeing each other for a year and a half now (we like her). 


          Michael: I really like teaching Art classes at Webb School now, and enjoyed performing with Parker at the school's music festival as "Middle Aged Crazy and the Minds of Mayhem".  The band name is very appropriate to my past year, but if you want details you'll have to come to the holler for tea.  Ian and I went to Bonnaroo again this year, and I hope this is an annual tradition.  The honey crop was terrible, only 2 quarts total.  No big mystery, just bad beekeeping, but next year will be better.  The good stuff is still family, friends, students, animals, woods, wandering, wondering and music.  And maybe some day, again clay, or just tree climbing.

          I continue to supervise special education and enjoy my job most days. It is very stressful but I am surrounded by good colleagues who are also my friends.  

          Please let us know if you are in the area - we'd love to see you.

498 Sassapaw Trail

Beechgrove, Tennessee 37018