Holiday Greeting 2010

Priscilla:  We had a great time this summer visiting with old friends in Michigan... the Brigg's family in Fremont, the Sauerwalds in Brighton and then the fabulous wedding of Emily Jackson and Michael Miller in Harbor Springs. We spent time with Shana, Ann and David, Pat and Terry and Patti and Terry!  The entire Michigan journey was a flashback to good Saipan times.

On April 1st, Michael fooled me again with a life size elephant suspended across the driveway. He has created an elephant surprise for me   or thirty years and I have never remembered it is April 1st.

Michael went camping in North Georgia on a school trip and returned home with Molly - our new tricolored border collie who was supposedly a stray at the campground. Now we have four dogs and two cats (plus bovines and donkeys.)

Ian surprised us last weekend by showing up unannounced for 36 hours. It was the best Christmas gift I could have received!

My book club (the World Wide Book Club, Original and Baby Book Club) had a giant slumber party and tried to cap the year with a float in the Christmas parade, but it was cancelled due to snow.


Well it’s been a year of buzzing around and hanging out and letting go and holding on.

 Pris and I went to Thailand last Christmas, and I ended up hitting France, China, and Korea, as well as visiting Wayne and family in LA this year.  Wayne made a giant puppet at Webb and we’ve been having fun riding coattails of a documentary in progress on him.

We lost several dear friends this year, Ruthie Bowdoin  and Davis Burnette.  On the 4 legged side Spikey finally got too old to hang on and old one-eyed Milo slept his last warm day by the spring pond.  I lost all of my hives, but have already started over.  Maybe honey next year.

On the up side, seeing Neil Young at the Ryman was better than Bonnaroo, and we’ve had a couple of dramatic “burn” get togethers this year.  Pris didn’t tell you that I tried to fly that elephant with a giant helium balloon before admitting defeat and hanging it over the driveway.

Parker is so far still at home, and both immediate families are doing well, so we are mighty thankful.  We also know some loved ones are having really hard times, and we keep you in our hearts and thoughts.