Christmas 2013 (well, June 2014 really....)

Well, happy all kinds of holidays since Christmas 2012. This is the latest I’ve ever been in getting this thing out (June-ish, 2014). Before I forget, you are more than welcome to the Pre-Bonnaroo Hoopty on June 11. Yeah, it’s a Wednesday, but folks tend to congregate here on that day, and this year Priscilla is 60 and Pop (Mike Sr.) is 80 and Bubs is 50 and all kinds of folks are a bunch of other ages and things, so it will be special. Holler at us at "pmquinn at blomand dot net" for details. Our big news is Hudson, who was born to Parker and Lindsey back in February, 2013, but this is old news by now since he is close to 16 months old. All else pales in comparison, except Ian’s visit in July and Ian and Michelle and Jim and Carol’s visit last Christmas, and regular nearby family goodness, and so we are pretty dandy in general. Priscilla changed jobs again and is now back with Coffee County Schools. She went with me to Arizona to see Ian and Michelle and friends, had a great family trip to Wichita and some girl trips to Wisconsin and Asheville. She has a good flower crop to boot. I had a good time with Wayne in Texas at an art educators’ thing, did the usual backpacking trip with school seniors, went to Bonnaroo, China, and India. China was fun with students and their parents, but India was terrifically intense, and many thanks to friends Scott and Marcia. Princess and Opie flew to the heavens, but they were good dogs before then. Not really. Princess peed every night at 3AM and barked to let us know it. Opie was sweet though. OK. Princess was alright sometimes. But they were dogs; not fathers, moms, sisters or brothers or loved ones that others may have lost this year that we hold near to heart. But life continues, and so do we. Back in June a wind storm blew down hundreds of our trees. I wish we had just let them lie instead of salvaging them because it’s such a mess, but maybe in 100 years we won’t notice the difference. Folks lost homes to tornadoes and such, and we just lost some plants. Petty big plants though, flattened like pixie stix. I’m tired of mending damaged fences, so if you know anyone who wants a couple of Highland cattle (and will not eat them) let us know. The bees all died again, but I started 3 new hives this year, again... I guess Ian and Parker are big enough to write their own dang holiday letters, but they are doing wonderfully with their families. We’re all pretty lucky. I know online connections make this paper stuff seem silly, but somehow buying stamps makes this special. It’s still last minute, as I’m heading into mountain woods for a week with the seniors and Pris is left to carry out the mailing. We hope all is wonderful with ya’ll. Life sure gets crazy, but love is still the good thing. Hope you’re getting enough of it. Here’s some more just in case… Love- Mike and Pris RETURN