17 December, 2014 


Dear Everybody –

I don’t know where I am with this thing.  Last year’s letter didn’t make it out of the house until sometime in June, July or August, (I blame it on my pre-Christmas trip to India, but it is just my sloth) and then only some of them actually made it to the mailbox.  I reckon that’s no big deal, since if anything important had happened you would have heard about it anyway, like Ian and Michelle getting engaged, and Hudson being born, or walking, or talking, or hopefully one day even potty trained.  But I’ll go ahead with hope that this one makes it out before Easter…2016.

Some of this stuff I already said in the above mentioned folly, but in short we are all fine.  And lucky.  Well, unless we are dogs. Princess, aka Ruthie’s “Prissy’s Precious shihtzu”, passed away in January, leaving room for Opie to take her place as the inside dog, who then passed away in April, making way for Splat and Molly to hairify the house.  They don’t know that they are doomed once they gain access to the manor couch, but they seem happy about it anyway.

Parker and Lindsey and Hudson are making their merry way in the world just 30 minutes away.  Priscilla goes into withdrawal if a week goes by without a Huddy hug.  He turns two in February and likes to jerk the dinosaurs off of my car. That doesn’t sound right…aw well..

Ian and Michelle are now officially engaged even though they have been as good as such for, what, 6 years?  It is really wonderful that they have a good and happy life of jaunting to the jam bands all over the country.  They say they will slow down, but not until I join them at Lockn’, dangit!

Priscilla is enjoying her job back in Coffee County as, I don’t know, something besides being tense all the time, so life is good.  She turned 60 and will probably live a lot longer now that she is out of special ed. Her mom Anita and my folks Mike (80!) and Jean are all vertical and active, and we are thankful for that.

The Bonnaroo gang keeps us hopping and whooping at paint and fire in June. Priscilla and I went to Iceland in July, and saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse perform right there a few feet in front of our eyes, a really big deal for me anyway.  Iceland is mighty, might fine.

I still like to go to music, fart around on the “farm”, pretend to teach art and hike in the woods.  I am trying to be less grumpy about watching the horizontal forest rot while loggers continually delay their commitment to come and get it, but you know, I’m lucky to only worry about insignificant stuff like that.  There’s a lot of stuff going on we need to gather our hearts around and squeeze the fear and anger out of.

We’d rather just squeeze our hearts around you though.    We hope you are all well and happy.                            

Love –
 Mike and
 Pris and all…