Howdy All!

Here are our 2008 ramblings:



“This past year I have been working and going to school.  I am a concrete industry management major.

I work doing decorative concrete with Nashville Concrete Artists making concrete pretty: doing overlays, stamping, and  staining mostly. I do the new guy grunt work.

I also have been working with kids making them behave in an after school program.

I am still with Sara. It's been two and a half years.

I don't have any crazy stories; well none I'll ramble on about, cause I know dad has this letter jammed full of excitement already but this year has been good and I hope the next is just as good or better.



  “Good year.  Job's good. 

I'm still in Tempe working for the Apollo Group working as a Unix systems administrator. 

Burning Man was fun.  

Christmas cards are lame." 

(We gave Ian a hard time about that last line, so then he said:) 

"Happy New Year! "



Greetings - I’m hoping all is well with each of you and that you had time to relax a little during the holiday.
Our Christmas was special because we were all together this year. Ian made it home from Tempe for a week of family “fun”.

Our friend Ruthie moved to  a nursing home recently and her  shitzu, Princess, has moved in with us. Princess is registered as “Prissy’s Precious Princess” (my namesake).  We now have four dogs, two cats, two donkeys and four cows  - just enough to qualify us as country folks. 

Living quietly in the country  helps balance the craziness of my job….special education supervisor.  It really is a good fit for me and is usually fun but every so often it just spins out of control and  so do I.  Fortunately, I get to work with talented friends.

Michael and I are taking a trip to Idaho for our Christmas present.  We will visit with our dear friends, Ulises and Jacquelyn Odio.  We have been friends since college days and  look forward to relaxing and playing in the snow. 



I guess I can blame my post-middle aged crazy Zoloft induced mellow head for not heeding Christmas deadlines this year, but really I’m just a slacker.

The past year has been eventful and full of ego filling flings of concerts, campouts and craziness that has been patiently tolerated and shared by my wonderful family.

Most of the year was spent farting around in the woods interspersed with artsy activities surrounding Ian’s and my journey to Burning Man, with the usual Bonnaroo and such in between. More than you want to know can be found at 
this link.  
Just click around.

I’m still at Webb and hope to continue there for the foreseeable future, but I have been working in two week increments for years.  I enjoy teaching art and enjoy the students and the ancillary backpacking, fishing, and field trips.

All in all I have found that I haven’t gained one ounce of mental or cultural maturity since college, and I decided to embrace that for a while.  So, when you visit you are welcome to paint on the car, again.

Much Love and Peace always, and please oh please just some kind of reasonable leadership for all in 2009.