Most of my wackiness is posted here, or here,

but if redundancy rules then

here is an episode of  "Mrs. Cabobble's Caboose"!


 here are some

rants, raves and heartfelt ramblings


Truth - Intent, a recent talk

Open Mind, a persistent talk


If you have absolutely nothing to do worthwhile, at all,  you can either watch or download

"The Mystical Adventures of Bob Roy the Country Boy".

(or just listen to a draft version of "Bob Roy's Enlightened Joy")

It eats 40 minutes of your life.  It has eaten most of mine, off and on.  Oh well.

(it may seem so very odd for me to say, "there is no god" while giving credence to the concept (from within, not from above), but to give this thing a name or even symbol of the same divides and shatters rather than creates more Love)


peruse what appear to be Old Sawney's Own Chapel Talks

or subject your notions of sanity to

a splendiferous appearance of "Middle Aged Crazy and the Minds of Mayhem"

or if you are hurting for entertainment AND musical education then

 listen to

The soundtrack to Bob Roy and the Christmas Cookie

or if you're son Ian in the land of far away 

or you're otherwise bored to tears

and think someone else's family stuff is interesting

then go ahead 

and listen to Pop's 2007 Thanksgiving Thanks