Dead Dart Blues

The Dart we drove to Colorado was a poor replacement for the glorious '69 version that died earlier that year.


We would have a party every year or so and add layer upon layer of lovely paint to cover the rust. 


Prizes, such as the lusted after "Rock Lobster Suit" (well, the B-52's were in original heat at the time) were given for  no real reason.


 The car was adorned with hood ornaments ranging from a Sandlot Slugger, to a plastic lobster, and eventually, plastic dinosaurs.


 But the car died on the way to an Elvis wake in August, 1985.  We coasted down the Cumberland Plateau at 80 mph, in smooth windy silence.


 So I cut it up and gave it away for Christmas that year.

The Dart we drove to Colorado never got the lovely paint, but was adorned with clay hood ornaments.


Copyright © P. Michael Quinn, Jr.
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