Dinosaur Dirt

The unreasonable explanation of the need for "dinosaur dirt" can be found here. But, in short, it is really just dirt from the side of the road near Red Rocks Park in Colorado.


 Except for a hadrosaur in west Tennessee, there just aren't enough dinosaurs to constitute dinosaur dirt. After much research, I discovered that true dinosaur dirt required travel. Originally planned as a ski vacation, the trip for dirt ended up as just a 72 hour dash to Colorado for a bucket of purple dirt to fulfill a corny concept. Myself, my brother, and a friend drove the Dodge Dart 24 hours to Boulder.


 In a sleep deprived stupor, I made my way to the University of Colorado on a mission to meet the man. I waited outside his office door until he came wondering up in a rush to get some papers. I introduced myself to Mr. Bakker, thanked him for writing "The Dinosaur Heresies", and asked him where the Morrison formation was. He said it was hard to find a place that it wasn't, in those parts. He told me of an outcropping near Red Rocks Park. No Pink Floyd, but we did find some dinosaur tracks.


 There was dirt-o-plenty.


 So I shoveled up a bucket full, and still have most of it. I just sprinkle a little bit on before glaze firing. Too much makes the glaze crawl.

I know this somehow keeps meteors from smashing into us. At least for now.

I also know that if you can't dazzle them with brilliance...but, this is a true story, after all.


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