Your in a place created for folks that know us, but if you just happened to enter by accident, well....welcome.

This page and its eventual connections are supposed to be like our little family newsletter, I guess, in the self-absorbing delusion that folks actually have time and care to peruse it.

Since this is primarily a little photo album of our doings, it may include some photos of folks who may not care to be here, but I tried not to identify you. You know who you are, and the pictures are mainly here for you.

Well, hopefully the monster pics have loaded below while you were reading this
(most link to larger views with a click);
but if you have a slow machine like us, then you can fill out your grocery list then come and view them.

Our New Friend


Yep. That's Al Gore at our wedding in 1981...

.. as well as our dear friend Jaquelyn, and Miss Piggy!


But more recently, Parker caught a monster catfish!


Here are some of Parker's other photos.


Below are just some images from the last year as I haven't updated the rest of this site in a long time. Come to see us and we'll stick you in here.



Some of the chickens. They reproduce and disappear, and leave eggs in between.

Sloan and Annabell


"Pesty", Parker's horse


A flower garden, complete with an Uncle Sam from our good, good, buds.


The bees, and the old '69 Dodge Dart remnants on the garage. I swear this year I'll get honey.



Ian went for a glide on his 16th birthday.


I had to go along.




Me and my Finster Fest friends.


Parker's big trout catch. Actually, all three boys caught these delicious fellows.



Parker's plant pet.


A usual summer afternoon.


We unfortunately finished off 2 rattlesnakes that were mortally wounded by our neighbors.
Big timbers, good ratters, but the front yard is too close for comfort.


Bean heads.



Ian and his buds.

More to come, eventually.



Last Year's Stuff

Well, I still have lots of time to goof off, so take me to your

Dinosaur Dirt Farm

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Last Update: 10 March 2008