Not much.  You?

A hearty thanks to those of you who may be here as a direct or indirect result of my lucky chance at playing in the Feb. 6 , 1999 edition of
"Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?"
on National Public Radio.

This show seems to be returning to some NPR stations from time to time, and I appreciate the feedback that keeps coming in.  Since the original airing, I have placed the clay business on hold to concentrate on teaching. 

I felt a little guilty about plugging the Dinosaur Dirt Farm web site on the air, especially after blowing the quiz, but the correspondence I received as a result was well worth it, not necessarily in sales, but in revealing that a lot of kind and fun folks must listen to that show.

Anyway, my thanks to you for following through with a visit to the site, and my thanks to Mr. Feldman for putting up with a not-so-wise guy.




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