The Red Oak Society

"Be Good.  Work Hard.  Make it Better."

The Red Oak Society
spontaneously sprouted
in response to the loss
 of the largest tree on campus.
During the 2005-2006 school year,
students worked
in their spare lunch time
with hand tools
to preserve the stump as a memorial,
but it was obliterated
on June 1, 2006.

Oh well.

So I wrote this song

Here are some pics.

We continue to exist, with new incentive.


Founding Members:

Bobby Newman

Elizabeth McClary

Jeanne Humphrey

Justin Brady

Kelsey Lewis

Laura Sherrell

Mike Humphrey

Mythili Chunduru

Sam Bartlett

Samantha Myers

Stefanie Bomar

Other Outstanding Members:

Jamison Fee

Brian Wofford

Emmett Miller

John Newman

Katherine Brown

Margaret Earthman

Michael Bedford

Mythili Sanikommu

Sawyer Bodle

Ty Travis

Paul Myers

Darrell Winfree

Rhett Layman

Chad Sartini

Dylan Thompson

Taylor Williams

Kyung Ho Lee

Mathew Johnson

Jack Barton

Will Chewning

Houston Taylor


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Some words.