The Story thus Far

The Dinosaur Dirt Farm began in 1985, with the first public appearance in 1986. In between my clay work came set-design, puppeteering, and performance as "P.T. Pickens" for our local public television station, as well as other part-time jobs. This worked well for my wife and me, as my schedule let me be the daytime house daddy for my two young sons while she held a full-time position and went to graduate school.

I eventually received a couple of degrees in biology, which has come in handy for part-time college instruction as well as subject matter for sculptures and functional objects. The Dinosaur Dirt Farm continued to grow until we moved to the Pacific island of Saipan in 1989. Then the concentration to create claywork was somewhat overshadowed by a "regular job" in the Northern Marianas Legislature, family, ocean recreation and travel. Occasional pieces still squeezed through, and these were exhibited in island craft shows as well as international exhibitions.

In 1995 we returned to the mainland, and after a couple of years of re-settlement and rewarding work at a local children's museum, the Dinosaur Dirt Farm roamed again.



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